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Manage, expose, and publish your digital content and data with ease using our integrated AWS solution

Discover a modern approach to the management of digital content and data with our integrated AWS solution.

  • Manage the content and data of your applications and websites with a flexible and efficient application.
  • Showcase your content and data through APIs or as web pages.
  • Publish your content and data on AWS for optimal performance, even at a large scale.

Simplify management, exposure, and publication with our integrated solution.

Four devices: Tablet book, mobile search, laptop promo page, computer CMS.

Unified management of digital content and data for optimal freedom, efficiency, and customization

Our solution centralizes comprehensive management of content (text, images, videos, audios, etc.) and structured data (business data) for your digital products.

It provides intuitive organization and efficient management of content and data while exposing them through APIs or web pages, precisely meeting the specific needs of your digital products.

Ensuring complete independence from applications, it promotes optimal reuse of information between your digital products, your systems, and those of your external partners.

Mobile search, laptop CMS, tablet content. Three connected images: API, coding, AWS logo.

Complete flexibility to showcase your digital content and data

Unleash the power of your digital content and data by exposing them in a versatile manner.

Whether through APIs for seamless integration with other applications or as web pages for direct visibility, our solution provides total flexibility in how you choose to share your information, thus meeting the diverse needs of your digital ecosystem.

Exposure via API

Expose your digital content and data using APIs to meet the needs of your products, integration requirements with your systems, or to expose them to external partners.

Exposure via web pages

Create websites and web pages to showcase your digital content and data on a small, medium, or large scale.

Fulfill all the requirements of your digital products, such as features, design, SEO, accessibility, robot guidelines, and many more, using fully customized web pages.

And many more

Expose your digital content and data to meet specific needs, such as PDF, CSV files, etc., to facilitate data exchange.

Screen: CMS. Three images: Web page, HTML code, AWS interface.

Publish your digital content and data on AWS for exceptional performance

Optimize the visibility of your digital content and data by publishing them on AWS, ensuring optimal performance even in a large-scale environment.

Our solution guarantees efficient and fast distribution, fully leveraging the advantages of the AWS cloud for instant availability and an exceptional user experience.

Screen: CMS, two web pages, AWS logo connecting these elements.

Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our solution optimizes various AWS products to reduce operational and maintenance costs, fully harnessing the performance of the AWS platform.

It simplifies the management, exposure, and publication of digital content and data while relieving you of the burden of managing AWS products.

Rocket launch on screen, AWS logo in cloud shape.

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